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RPS 1 2018

Il testo è la sintesi dell’articolo pubblicato nella sezione Tema del n. 1 2018 di Rps e scaricabile dagli abbonati nella versione integrale al link:

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who we are

As a result of an increasing demand for a point of convergence on rethinking welfare systems challenged by new social risks, CGIL, through its publishing house EDIESSE, founded la Rivista delle Politiche Sociali, from the fusion of the two former journals on welfare, called ‘L’Assistenza Sociale’ and ‘Qualità e Equità’.
The journal has set its sights on becoming an authoritative reference point for debate, perspectives and analyses on welfare issues.

The journal is a quarterly of approx. 200 pages in length and has a monographic structure.
Each issue examines a particular topic of social relevance, under reform or in debate on welfare matters.
The topics addressed in the journal are as follows: labour market, social inclusion and protection, health and education systems, welfare policy funding criteria and mechanisms, migratory policies, local welfare etc.

Each issue is accompanied by several regular features related to the topic of the monograph: analytical documentation, tools and measures, keywords and recommended reading.
Each issue will also include a non monographic section on one or more themes of particular importance in the current socioeconomic debate.
Both the national and international perspectives will be considered through the publication of papers deemed to be highly relevant to the issue in question. The journal is also a means to disseminate European reports and researches.